Who we are

Our philosophy is to create an environment that builds character, self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle through martial arts. By setting goals and personal attention to results students work towards reaching their highest potential both physically and mentally. We maintain a safe, clean facility where Students can feel comfortable to train at their best. Experience the benefits of self-defense, increased physical fitness and self-discipline in a family oriented team environment

Our history

2017 was founded

Our school was founded by Ricardo Demente Abreu who is one of the most prestigious and well accomplished jiu jitsu and mma fighters in the world.


Ricardo Demente Abreu chose Plano, Texas to be the home of Royal Art.

Our new facility​

Ricardo Abreu, Jason Bowles and Nancy Murphy Bowles became partners unifying our strengths and resources to grow our school.

Our services

Kid’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our focus is to help develop confident, respectful, healthy children, through structured exercises and Jiu Jitsu training.

Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The focus for adult BJJ is about creating an environment where students can learn the principles of Jiu Jitsu at their own pace.

Women’s self-defense and fitness

Special training for women who desire real world skills to protect themselves and be aware of their environment.

Jiu-Jitsu Benefits ​

Self Improvement

Through Jiu-Jitsu, you will face your own mental and physical challenges, pushing you to improve what is real.​


From kids to adults, our goal is to show that everything in your life depends only on you. Nobody else is responsible for your life besides you.


We believe confidence is based in reality, and to achieve that you need to face failure and get used to feeling uncomfortable. Growth only happens when we are outside of our comfort zone.

Our team

Ricardo Abreu

Head Professor – Owner 

Great place to train!! My 9 year old son has been training here for nearly a year and I started recently too. The level of instruction is top notch, but more importantly, everyone is friendly and welcoming. Ricardo is so knowledgeable but also so down to earth and approachable. Despite his impressive resume, he’s not at all intimidating and provides everyone at all levels with close attention. The staff is incredibly kind and helpful too. They’ll make you feel right at home.

Douglas Kim

Training at Royal Art BJJ with Professor Ricardo Abreu is definitely one of the highest BJJ instructions I was able to find. I took some tryout classes in other academies and I was sold by Ricardo's way of teaching, I can't recommend Royal Art highly enough!

Jesus Roquez

Professor Ricardo Abreu is a great instructor. He is able to provide tiny details I've not heard before that improve every single technique he teaches. He is a world-class athlete but he is humble and has a great demeanor that the class enjoys. Having been there for a few months now, it has been exciting to see the classes grow as more people hear about him and his teaching capabilities.

Aaron Wiser

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